Tuesday, July 19, 2011

For The Two Ladies I Love Most...

Today is....
...my younger sister's bday and
...my MOM's bday!!!

They both are the most precious mum and sista I have in this world! 
Happy Birthday to both of U!

I treat my mum a collagen facial at Spa Puteri (our usual place, and thank God, she is not request for massage, jakuzi, manicure etc hahaha). 

Plus a bouquet of flower! Delivered to her office, rite before her lunchtime. 
She was soooo surprised!!!

Dear Mum,
Happy 47th Birthday!
U r the greatest mum in dis world.
I love u so much!!!
-from Adik

I think i never blog about them, aite?
so let me show u both ladies i love most

Mum and I

My adik, Aliah and I! Ooh we both love pink!

OMG. Shes taller than me!

but Im prettier than her. hah! muntah

Ok bye!

Footnote: Aliah, nak hadiah apa? Along hutang dulu ye... 

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