Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Press Conference

Ok lets start from the beginning of our journey. As u all noe, 21 of UTM students were selected to attend UTM-DTU Summer Course 2011 (20th June - 8th July) in Danmarks Tekniske Universitet. The course is about Sustainable Consumption and Production.

First of all is a press conference on 16th June, 2 days before...



strangerest! haha ade ke?


21 of us!


another shoot from 21 of student harapan UTM. ahaks!

amik berkat sket...

not a stranger anymore. we r fwens now and ready to go!

Goodbye Malaysia! Eh ni entri tertunda. Aku dah balik Mesia dah pun. Will update more sooooonnnn (tipu). Tunggu aku collect gambar dulu ok? 

Dan im not sure PC ni masuk paper ke tak. But im sure ada kat UTM website. Nanti cari gali balik k n update it sooonnnn (tipu lagi!)

Ok lah tak mau tipu lagi. Bye!

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